EURAUD: 06/23/2017

After hours of exchanging ideas with the developer of TimeSeriesSCC we have both come to the conclusion that the auto-scaling range in the SCC radar can be narrowed down by comparing the periodogram result of the current cyclical circumstance with the region where the similar cyclical circumstance is expected to be. We can then obtain […]

GBPJPY: 06/16/2017

The GBPJPY certainly seems interesting from a cyclical perspective. It seems evident that we have realized the tough of the 54 month duration earlier this year prior to the swift advance that was realized. We dropped in the first 10 week cycle correction recently and I have reason to believe that the 10 week cycle […]

NZDUSD 05/16/2017

The chart above presents my phasing analysis on the NZDUSD. The pattern is quite clear from a cyclical perspective. It seems evident that we are on the verge of an 18 year cycle trough at the time of writing. The USD bear setup certainly proved worthwhile in terms of the EUR in the recent environment. […]