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Our fields of reseach

Expert financial market and geopolitical research

Cyclical analysis

We continue to expand and contribute to the research of cyclical analysis in the financial markets and the geopolitical arena.

Elliott wave

The Elliott wave principle was our introduction into the field of cyclical analysis. We continue to conduct research and analysis using the Elliott wave model

Fundamental analysis

We use cyclical analysis in both stocks and commodities in order to determine which part of history we are repeating. We use what occurred in the past to forecast the future both in terms of prices and fundamentals

Classical technical analysis

We incorporate traditional technical analysis making use of sentiment analysis in order to confirm our cyclical, wave and fundamental analysis


An Independent Market Research Firm
Cyclic Vibrations. Your key to the future

Cyclic vibrations is a company that conducts research on the financial markets and attempts to find repetitive patterns that have predictive value. The cycles that occur consistently in the financial markets have proven to be reliable in predicting prices and fundamental events. Our analysis is not limited to cyclical analysis, we also conduct traditional technical analysis to support the hypothesis derived about the future of the market and the geopolitical arena from our cyclical analysis. Once one determines what cycle we are in predicting the future becomes simply projecting that same cycle that occurred in the past into the future. This is true in terms of prices and events. Our researchers spend their time figuring out what cycle we are in in order to provide accurate and reliable forecasts of the future. We have revealed in these few words what many try to conceal. We encourage you to read our researches in order to get a better perspective on what we are all about

  • Cyclical analysis
  • Elliott wave analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis


Recent Research

Out latest views on the markets and the geopolitical arena

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