May 21, 2016

Cyclic Vibration

We offer a condensed  education course in cyclical analysis to all cycle enthusiasts. The instructor of the course will guide you step by step and teach you how to conduct a cyclical analysis for yourself and much more! At this current time the course is offered in English and Arabic. The following content will be presented in the course.

  • The rules and guidelines of the Elliott wave principle in theory
  • The Elliott wave principle in practice
  • How to trade using the Elliott wave principle
  • A complete overview of Hurst cycles
  • Introduction to the new cycles discovered by Ahmed¬†Farghaly
  • Applications of Valid Trend Lines and Future Lines of Demarcation
  • Methods of isolating the price history into their component cycles
  • Methods of obtaining projection lines that end up having a high correlation with future price movement
  • Gann’s hidden secret
  • Introduction to transaction risk and capital risk
  • Risk management strategies
  • Methods of objectifying the trend phenomena
  • The phenomena of similar cyclical circumstances
  • Using similar cyclical circumstances to predict major shocks and events that can affect the market
  • Study of the cycles of war and their effect on commodity prices
  • A few classical technical analysis reviews

All that is mentioned above is taught in the course with a great attention to details. Learn what our lead researchers have spend decades learning! This course will be given to individuals that have a keen interest in the knowledge of cycles, Elliott waves and Gann.

Price: $399