Soybeans: 06/12/2017

Soybeans has certainly been a tough cookie considering its choppy and volatile nature. I have finally come to a conclusion about the future course of this commodity. Unfortunately I can’t go larger than the 9 year cycle considering the difficulty of phasing the preceding price history. I see Soybeans putting in a 9 year cycle […]

The relevance of the number 9 to the Modified Nominal Cyclic Model

A subscriber of mine has alerted me of the relevance of the number 9 in the modified nominal cyclic model as defined by Cyclic Vibrations. Figuring out the larger cycles has simply become using Martin Armstrong’s 6 multiplier and finding the harmonic that adds up to 9 or either multiple numbers that add up to […]

Soybeans/CRB ratio

Chart above is my phasing analysis of the Soybeans CRB ratio for the early 1990s. It seems evident that we are currently in the second 18 month cycle of the second 9 year wave from a cyclical perspective. The correlation of this position within the 9 year wave with that of the previous 9 year […]

AUDUSD: 06/07/2017

Charted above is my phasing analysis on the AUDUSD currency pair. It seems evident that we have realized the 18 year cycle low in this currency pair. The reason why I make such a bold call is confirmatory price action that was witnessed this week on this currency pair. The week is yet to close […]