GBPUSD: 05/21/2017

a 500 pip move was called on the previous post on the GBPUSD that has materialized precisely as anticipated.  I was looking for the completion of a deep crab pattern to the upside with a target of the 1.3 handle when the GBPUSD was trading at approximately 1.25.  It is important to note that we […]

NZDUSD 05/16/2017

The chart above presents my phasing analysis on the NZDUSD. The pattern is quite clear from a cyclical perspective. It seems evident that we are on the verge of an 18 year cycle trough at the time of writing. The USD bear setup certainly proved worthwhile in terms of the EUR in the recent environment. […]

USDJPY: 04/18/2017

Charted above is my phasing analysis on the USDJPY weekly chat. I am anticipating a 20 week cycle low at the time of writing which should see the USDJPY move sideways to up. The SCC suggests that the 54 month cycle low is not in yet with one more 20 week cycle left in script. […]

GBPUSD: 04/18/2017

The chart above presents my phasing on a weekly chart of the GBPUSD currency pair. It seems evident that we have recently put in a 40 week cycle trough earlier this year and we are currently heading higher. The sub-structure in this currency pair is certainly ideal and its harmonic relationships are almost precise. We […]