Crude Long term: 06/17/2017


The chart above presents my forecast on the prices of Crude going forward. This is in no way to be used as definitive since our forecast is dynamic and we will take into consideration the new price data that this market gives us. This market is likely to have a slow advance initially going into 2018 which is when, after a significant correction (which most ellioticians will be believe is the beginning of wave 5 lower), this market is projected to take off substantially to the upside. This is by far my favorite market of the moment. I have been telling everybody and their families to invest in the Energy sector however no one seems to want to listen. People laugh at me and say that the Saudis have a vested interest in putting the fracking industry out of business. It is important to note that with the current price of Crude and the cyclical recession anticipated in the US such an environment is more that likely to clear out the excess and shake out the weak hands which will be the optimal environment for this commodity to stage and embark on a significant advance to the upside. I am using the second half of the current 10 week cycle to scale this entire 54 month cycle. I have confidence in this forecast considering that the upcoming 40 week trough occurs precisely when the sinus wave projection suggests. I like to confirm the troughs in the projection line under a similar cyclical circumstance with an equal length projection with a recent cycle of the current cyclical circumstance in order to give the scaling more validity and indeed as mentioned the 40 week cycle trough occurs exactly when expected. Confirmation of a low of the 18 year duration would be a break of the 10 FLD to the upside as mentioned in the previous post on OIL(for years of projected highs and lows kindly reference the timescale on the bottom of the chart)



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