Crude oil, when to buy?: written on 06/11/2017


Charted above is my new phasing analysis on the prices of Crude oil. I believe that this is the more accurate interpretation of the price movements in Crude especially since the 2003 trough. It seems evident that we are on the verge of putting in an 18 year cycle low at the time of writing. I sort of forced an interpretation with the low in March of 2016 to be the 18 year cycle low but after further data was revealed to us by His majesty I became more confident that the 18 year cycle low is still in formation rather than being formed at the time of this article. What follows this trough will certainly be historic in the Energy markets. We are currently under an SCC as the US civil war and during the US civil war we also had a Fiat currency (Greenbacks) which fits with the current cyclical circumstance very nicely. I am expecting new all time highs in the prices of Crude by 2019 if not sooner. I am actually going to go out on the limb and and give an approximate date for the upcoming trough on Crude. The chart below presents evidence of why I believe such a trough is likely to be realized at that particular date.


The chart above presents the current 18 month wave with 8 overtones. Notice how accurately every harmonic trough in the illustration resulted in a significant low in the prices of Crude. We have reason to believe that we are coming into a nest of lows in early July that should mark the 18 year cycle trough in terms of Crude and in terms of the commodity markets in general. We are very close to such a trough and speculators should begin eyeing this market for potential confirmation at around that time vicinity. Personally I believe a break of the 40 week FLD to the upside would be confirmation enough of a trough of the 18 year cycle considering that we are in the final 40 week cycle of the current 18 year cycle that is approaching completion. Let us now view this FLD in action (the cycle of which is running at 206 days)


For speculators that would like to wait for more significant confirmation of the 18 year cycle trough, they can wait for a break of the 54 month FLD which is pretty darn close to prices at the time of writing in a similar fashion as it is on the CRB index. I would recommend waiting for both FLDs to be cleared out to the upside in order to be on the safe side in calling an 18 year cycle trough in the prices of this commodity.



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