Upcoming opportunities: 06/15/2017


Charted above is my short term analysis on US 10 year yields. It seems evident that we are coming into a 40 week cycle trough at the time of writing. There does exist a slight chance that this trough has been realized and resulted in a miniature advance which is very much possible which would be similar to what occurred on the MAY/31st trough in 2014. Personally I would wait for a decisive break of the 40 week FLD to the upside before shorting the bond market since I can’t say I am too happy about the substructure of this market at this current point in time.


A market of which I am much more confident in is Crude. Once the 10 week FLD is taken out to the upside I am longing this market with both hands and eyes closed. The reason I say 10 week FLD is because we are currently in the final 10 week cycle of the current 18 month cycle which happens to be the final 18 month cycle of the second 54 month cycle of the second 9 year cycle and hence a break of which will confirm a trough of the 18 year cycle. You cannot get more precise than that. Once this FLD is taken out, I speculate that this commodity will embark on an advance that will push for several years into the future, once the lows are confirmed I will form projection lines for the intermediate term swings.


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