Silver: 06/06/2017


The chart above presents my phasing analysis on the prices of Silver. It seems evident that the 18 year cycle tough has been realized and we are on a verge of a multi year advance that is likely to exceed everybody’s expectations. I remember recording a video called “The disphoria in the silver market” in late 2015 calling for a significant low in the prices of silver. The low spoken of then certainly seemed to have materialized and the consolidation that this market is going through was fully expected as per the projection line that will be presented shortly. Speculators ought to be optimistic about the prices of silver going forward considering the cyclical circumstance that we happen to be in at the time of writing. 2017-06-06_14-51-17

The chart above presents my projection on the prices of silver along with dates of potential turning points. Judging from the projection this market is likely to test its all time high at $50 by August of 2018 after which it should experience a significant pull back and go through an ascending triangle that will obviously break to the upside in 2020 going into a blow off peak at around October of that year. I am certainly a fan of the silver market going forward based on the cyclical structure and also our current interpretation on the USD. I believe longing Silver against the JPY shall prove to be much more fruitful that longing it against the USD at this current stage. I am keenly interested to watch the JPY’s performance against precious metals in the upcoming inflationary environment that the Japanese economy is likely to witness!


Further evidence of a trough of the 18 yar cycle is the break of the 54 month FLD. Considering that we were in the final 54 month cycle within the previous 18 year wave, a break of this FLD is significant evidence to hypothesize a low of the 18 year wave. The target of the FLD break is yet to be realized and considering that the cyclical structure sports a lot more cycles heading higher than lower in terms of the trend underlying the 54 month wave we have reason to believe that the target based on the break of the FLD is likely to be exceeded by a considerable margin!


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  • Hello Ahmed : All charts have a possibility of going wrong and as I respect and love reading your postings I did take a position this week. Incidentally it went down on two consective days. So could you advise a suitable stoploss or any revision on the silver charts if any.

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