AUDUSD: 06/07/2017


Charted above is my phasing analysis on the AUDUSD currency pair. It seems evident that we have realized the 18 year cycle low in this currency pair. The reason why I make such a bold call is confirmatory price action that was witnessed this week on this currency pair. The week is yet to close so we still need more confirmation but we have reason to believe that the 54 month FLD was taken out to the upside. Considering that we were in the final 54 month cycle within the previous 18 year wave such a break is confirmation enough that we hit the 18 year cycle low! Prices are likely to burst, leap and gasp higher in the near future which is why I have decided to add more to my current positions on the AUDUSD. The structure is as clear as the sky in July and I have reason to believe that there lies no other probable interpretation than the one provided on this chart. Speculators should begin eyeing this market closely in order to purchase significant pull backs in what is likely to be a young and vibrant bull market.


The chart above presents my projection of the upcoming 9 year wave. Now keep in mind, such a projection will not mimic price to the tee rather it should be used as a general guide to the path of least resistance for the prices of the AUDUSD. As visible above there is all the reason in the world to be bullish this currency based on the price history itself not considering the bullish outlook on Gold and not considering the exceedingly bearish outlook on the USD (except against the JPY). The stage seems set for the AUD to be well fed by the USD going into 2022! Let us hope the AUD is kind enough to let us hop for the ride.


The chart above presents the breach of the 54 month FLD spoken of earlier in this post. This is, once again, confirmation enough for me to add to my positions in terms of the AUDUSD since I have already been long earlier and sat through a stagnant market. This ought to be a lesson for me to wait for such a confirmatory signal like the one presented above before pulling the trigger.

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