December 22, 2017

We offer a wide range of solutions depending on what kind of a client you are.

High Net Worth Individual

For high net worth individuals we advise our client on what positions to take in his/her investment portfolio. The client is required to be engaged enough to put on the positions but is not required to monitor the positions closely since that would be our job. Clients will also receive detailed analytics on a weekly basis of the instruments in which the client has a holding. Each position will be accompanied by a stop loss order and a profit target as well. Any revisions made to our modeled portfolio will be posted in the weekly reports or sent to our client via email. The client need to take our positioning as a point of view and is required to do his due diligence on the positions taken prior to putting on a position himself.

Corporate Clients

For corporate clients we offer a consulting service in which we analyze the markets that are of interest to the commercial entity. We conduct Financial Wave Theory analytics, cyclical analysis, Elliott wave analysis, sentiment analysis as well as traditional technical analysis. The corporate client will be updated weekly with an analytical report on the instruments the organization is interested in. There will also be intraweek alerts when needed in confirmation or negation of preceding weekly analytical report.