For corporate clients

December 22, 2017

The main part of our business is to offer consulting services to corporate clients on the financial instruments that effect their business. Our main goal is to keep clients alerted of probabilistic moves in either direction in their market of interest. Such analysis has been proven to be of utmost importance for hedging purposes. We supply weekly detailed technical writings on the instruments chosen by the client with intraweek updates when required.

The chart above presents an exert from a report written to one of our corporate clients. The image above presents the projection line for the following year as well as the Elliott wave interpretation. We also have the corresponding turning points between the similar cyclical circumstance and that of the current cyclical circumstance highlighted. You will also notice that there exists cyclical analysis on the chart above as well with the cycle troughs labelled according to J.M. Hurst rules. The chart above presents only a small portion of the analysis we provide on a weekly basis to our corporate clients.

Weekly reports contain the following

  • Projection line utilizing FWT
  • Cyclical analysis utilizing J.M. Hurst cycles
  • Elliott wave interpretation on daily and intraday charts
  • Traditional technical and sentiment analysis

Reports are released every Monday at the New York OPEN (8:00 AM EST)