DAX: 06/22/2017


The New SCC radar of TimeSeriesSCC has been working like a charm provided you have some cyclical guidance. The computer now computes for us which is the likely most similar cyclical circumstance. In the case of the DAX30 we have reason to believe that the most similar cyclical circumstance is the period of the tech bubble peak of the year 2000. The correlation off the trough from 2009 going forward with the period from 1992 going forward is north of 95% with parts enabled which makes it almost an identical cycle! I have little doubt in my mind that the peak that is likely to be experienced on the DAX is likely to sink this market to levels that are certainly unexpected to speculators and commentators alike. I can casually state that Germany is likely finished! It is sad because I have 4 people in my family that are German who are likely to move to Germany soon. It is useless to tell them not to because they believe that the future is unpredictable! Although through pattern analysis and cyclical circumstances the future is merely a repetition of the past and becomes a certainty rather than a probability. I will put my reputation and my career on the line on the following call which happens to be confirmed by the computer. The DAX at the 2011 low or below before 2020!


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