OMX Stockholm: 06/01/2017


Charted above is my phasing analysis on the OMX Stockholm index. The patterns that unfolded on this particular index are certainly clear from a cyclical perspective. I have reason to believe that we are on the verge of terminating the up phase of the terminal Kuznet swing within the current Kondratieff cycle. The phasing is very similar to that of the DJIA and it suggests that in all likelihood this market is in for quite a severe decline going forward. Sweden is probably one of the best countries in the world. They are very apolitical and are all about human rights so kudos to that. It saddening to me to have such an outlook on such a terrific country. The Elliott wave picture which is presented below suggests that we are currently in a terminal thrust out of a triangle similar to the outlook we have on the DAX that was spoken of in its respective post a couple of days ago.


The Elliott wave structure presented above is the only possible count for the move that occurred since the 1987 low. We have reason to believe that we are on the verge of terminating an entire impulse that started prior to the beginning of this chart. This means that the upcoming correction is likely going to be far from pleasant. It is unfortunate to see almost all major economies on the verge of being in bearish territory in the near future. I guess it has something to do with the cyclical recession that we should naturally be expecting to occur soon in the global economy. Anyone that has to say the best is yet to come then that person simply has not studied history. The markets are on the verge of taking a global dive that will shock even the prominent bears out there including Peter Schiff.


The image above presents my projection on the OMX Stockholm index. It seems evident that the peak is being realized at the time of writing, I will be waiting for some sort of a flash crash to occur in Sweden in the upcoming environment since the burst of the tech bubble started with a flash crash in this very index that led into a selling climax that later proved not to be the end of the move. Speculators are advised not to be on the long side of any of the European bourses except for Russain equities since they are the only ones in Europe that are strongly tied to commodity prices which are showing us a bullish picture going forward.

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